Monday, January 22, 2007

A concept analysis of self-monitoring

"This paper reports a concept analysis delineating and clarifying the concept of self-monitoring to facilitate development and evaluation of interventions to enhance self-monitoring."
"Rodgers and Knafl's evolutionary concept analysis process was used to delineate and clarify the concept. The PubMed and CINAHL databases were searched using keywords 'self-monitoring', 'self-management' and 'self-care' ... and the searching was refined and the keyword 'self-monitoring' was paired with 'awareness' and 'self-regulation' was added."
"Findings. Self-monitoring was composed of two complementary components (attributes): (1) awareness of bodily symptoms, sensations, daily activities, and cognitive processes and (2) measurements, recordings and observations that inform cognition or provide information for independent action or consultation with care providers. Conclusion. Self-monitoring may be an important concept for understanding how people self-manage chronic conditions. This concept analysis may be useful for researchers who wish to measure this dimension and to develop nursing theory in this area."

To read the full article:
Wilde MH, Garvin S. (2007) A concept analysis of self-monitoring. J Adv Nurs. 57(3):339-50.